• Looking glass (LG), snmptherm, hg12605tv, HG12605 driver for LCDproc, IPv6 patches for GTetrinet, XMMS, vsftpd, tetrinetx, tetrinet, libshout (ices)



Looking glass (1.8p2 - 20040615)

  • all BGP show commands, ping and traceroute
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • router access using SSH, telnet, rsh or via other public LG
  • XML configuration file (requires XML::Parser)
  • local ASN database and hyperlinks to RIPE/ARIN/APNIC/JPNIC/LACNIC whois server
  • improved hyperlinking between different BGP views
  • highlights best route
  • tested with Cisco, Zebra and Juniper
  • written in Perl
  • licence: GPL


SNMP enabled thermometer based on DS1621 digital thermometer

  • uses libtherm from Claudio Lanconelli's webthermometer
  • written in C (C++)
  • licence: GPL



  • Grab Linux v4l device and show image on HG12605 LCD display (128x64 1bit display)
  • licence: GPL



IPv6 for GTetrinet


IPv6 for XMMS


IPv6 stack for vsftpd

IPv6 for tetrinetx 1.13.16+qirc-1.40c

  • Ugly and nonfinished code but works well (listens ::)
  • uses the same IPv6 code

IPv6 for tetrinet 0.7a

  • Only client patch. Server is still IPv4-only. Does anyone need IPv6 server also?
  • IPv4/IPv6 server you can try:

IPv6 for icecast server

  • Listens only IPv6 socket
  • Can proxy IPv4 servers for IPv6 listeners
  • IPv6 server you can try:

IPv6 for ices (libshout)

  • Dual stack, can connect both IPv4, IPv6 and IPv6/IPv4 servers

HG12605 driver for LCDproc

  • Hyundai Electronics HG12605 LCD display connected to LPT port
  • download patch for CVS version of LCDproc (04.01.2002). PS! It uses different wiring!
  • download patch for lcdproc-0.4.3
  • download patch for lcdproc-0.4-pre9

Coming soon..

  • XMMS update

IPv6 icecast streams


  • unlimited access to over IPv6
  • play tetrinet over IPv6 in
  • stats
  • some TkInEd icons
  • flow-tools flow-filter patch - for more information look at mailing list archive
  • wmx patch witch adds arguments support for menu commands
  • pwm autoraise support patch
  • A lot of other patches and some RPMs
  • IPv6 access
  • xinetd patch witch fixes redirection between different protocols. Read more (in CVS tree since 2003/05/08)
  • This vsftpd patch changes upload to temporary file and renames it when uploaded
  • Linux kernel 2.4.20 RFC3514 support. Download patch




My AVR stuff

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